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Hardy HVAC Contractor is a highly recommended HVAC company dedicated to providing seamless services to the property owners in the area. Even in answering your inquiries, we want to make it more convenient for you. That’s why we created this FAQ page. Conveniently find the answers to the frequent questions that we get from clients below!

What services do you provide?

We are not just your ordinary HVAC contractor. We handle a wide array of other related repairs and installations too. Here’s a quick list of our offers:

  • HVAC Repair Services
  • HVAC Installation Services
  • Electrical Installation Services
  • Plumbing Repair Services
  • Plumbing Installation Services
  • Ductwork Services
  • Duct Installation Services
  • Water Heater Repair Services
  • Water Heater Installation Services
  • Gas Line Repair Services
  • Boiler Installation Services
  • Boiler Repair Services

When you need any of those services, know that we are only a phone call away. You may also find more details about our services on our homepage. Check it out now!

How will I know my HVAC needs to be replaced?

Even if you installed the best HVAC system for your property, it will still need to be replaced over the course of time. The average lifespan of a good quality HVAC unit is around 15 years. So if you’ve been using your HVAC unit for over 15 years, replacing it now could be a more practical move. Using an old inefficient system can actually just cost you more in skyrocketing energy bills or frequent pricey repairs. Need not worry as you can always turn toHardy HVAC Contractor for an affordable HVAC duct replacement service.

Can I schedule the HVAC replacement service on a Sunday?

That would not be a problem. In fact, you can avail of our services at any time of the day, every day. Yes, we operate around the clock. You can always rely on the 24/7 HVAC service that we offer to the people in the Washington, DC area.

How long will an HVAC replacement take?

Approximately three days, depending on the complexity of the job. One day should be allotted for the changeout and two days to do the ductwork. It could take longer for possible issues that might occur during the HVAC replacement job. With our expertise and equipment, you can expect that we will be able to get the job flawlessly done in a timely manner.

When was your company established?

We’ve always been one of the most reputable HVAC contractors in all Washington, DC since 1998. For decades, we’ve not failed to deliver satisfaction guaranteed services to our customers. We take pride in the affordable, impeccable, and reliable HVAC services that we always deliver.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do provide 10% off for our valued seniors for the high-quality HVAC duct repair and other services that we offer. Other clients can avail of the 10% discount for installations and installments, too.

When you need a reliable HVAC company in the area, you now know which one to turn to. To book our reliable offers, feel free to call us at (202) 559-6088 today!

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