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Wondering When You Should Replace the Old HVAC Unit?

Let Our HVAC Contractor Guide You in Picking a New Unit

Unfortunately, even the best HVAC units won’t last forever. While an annual tune-up can keep them working efficiently for as long as possible, even regular maintenance won’t make it last forever. Eventually, you’ll have to replace it, but it can be difficult to tell when it’s time to install a new AC unit, especially because replacing components of your unit can lead to the biggest bills you’ll have to spend on. Wondering when it’s time to put the old system to rest? Below are 3 of the common signs that it’s time to hire an HVAC contractor.

HVAC Contractor Washington DCLimited airflow

Limited airflow and lack of cool air are some of the most obvious signs that your HVAC unit is experiencing major problems. If you turn the AC on and the air doesn’t come out cold within a few minutes, then chances are that it’s not working efficiently. It can also result from clogs in your ductwork and piping, which restricts airflow and will not resolve on their worn. No matter what the cause is, limited airflow and a lack of cool air is a telltale sign that you have problems that must be addressed immediately.

Moisture buildup

HVAC units will produce moisture to some extent, but those that are working efficiently must be able to handle it without any problems. If moisture is present around the unit, it can be a sign that you have a refrigerant leak on your hands. Often, this will not only lead to the system underperforming, but it can also pose health hazards to your family. Even though it’s just water that’s building up, leaving the problem unattended can build the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Unusual sounds

Have you noticed that your unit is louder than it should be? Making unusual sounds like squeaking, grinding, or chattering isn’t common and shouldn’t be taken as a sign of the unit getting old. Most HVAC units are designed to operate at a barely noticeable noise level, so if your unit is producing unusual sounds, you know it’s time to replace it with a new one. Talk to your local HVAC contractor for more information!

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